Growth Capital & Startup Technology Funding

We provide capital to startups as well as businesses looking to invest in technoogy for growth.

Depending upon the stage and capability of your business, we will advise upon the most appropriate application of funding.

We invest in the development of the technologies required to grow, and where possible hyper-scale your business. We will evaluate, organise and develop the technologies for you, typically on a fully funded basis.

Investment can be structured in a number of ways, including sweat equity and/or operating licenses/leases, structured loan repayment, profit sharing and other interesting formats to meet your needs. Our experienced IT and platform managers will operate the technology in our private cloud.

This programme is not restricted to digital companies, or jurisdictions. There is no limit on the amount of funding, subject to a sound business plan, and our own internal underwriting criteria.

Working with Caresso Law.

We would love to hear from you understand more about your technology investment needs.

We are keen to hear from startup businesses all the way through to mature SME's, seeking to innovate or acquire a technological advantage through the deployment of cloud based systems that will grow, or otherwise improve their business.

We work in all sectors, and virtually all jurisdictions. We work on small to large projects. The only requirement is that the technology can be cloud based, and is capable of being developed and managed by us. We will provide and manage all hardware as part of the project. We are speficially interested in businesses that have a plan to scale through technology, but require the knowledge, investment and technical capability to deliver it.

why choose us?

We have deep experience in developing critical ad deeply technical software systems, including core mobile network sub-systems, legal case management and financial settlement platforms. We are experts in the field.

Good systems and process analysis drives good technology. Technology that makes a really profoundly positive impact on your business and differentiates it.

We primarily, but not exclusively, seek to invest in companies where or technology and legal services offer of real value, and wherever possible allow for frictionless hyper-scaling with vastly improved business functionality, efficiency and automation.

We’re the legal and
technical specialists
your need.