Run your debt recovery on our platform and keep 50% of legal fees.*

We will share 50% of our solicitors pre-issue legal fees, charged pursuant to the UK/EU Late Payment Directive, with debt recovery firms across the UK/EU that license our LawTech systems to power their debt recovery operations.

That's unique!

We manage a consortium of law firms that are plumbed-in to our platform. All letters, demands, draft winding up petitions and the like are AI managed through platform workflow, and its all done in your name, how you want it.

You can now engage [platform] solicitors immediately, on the first demand. This gives you the benefit of having made a serious and credible threat to the debtor, and more likely to achieve enhanced negotiating power. Solicitors add reasonable, late payment directive, legal costs to the principal debt and automatically calculate late payment fees and interest. Solicitors refer all debtor queries directly back to you to manage the process, keeping you in control. You receive 50% of the solicitors costs, on top of your existing fees. We also indemnity you, and your client, against own and adverse costs, making it a real no brainier for both you, and your clients**.

This broadly adds 50% to 100% uplift in your gross profit. Immediately. Buy just moving your operations onto our platform, all branded in your name. Our platform posts all your letters, handles all reminders, diaries, email and workflow - further reducing your costs, adding exponential efficiency and capacity in an instant.

Disputed or otherwise litigious debt is also considered on a case by case basis automatically on the platform.

Even add
credit control:

Sell outsourced credit control - it's all included!

Caresso Care synchronises with your clients accountancy software - connect once, and forget. The platform will chase all debts, without damaging relationships. We gently, and professionally, nudge your clients debtors to pay, escalating to debt collection managed by our plumbed in solicitors on your terms.

Whilst you don't earn anything from debts that are chased, then paid, if they are escalated to our solicitors, after a few weeks, you take your normal cut and share 50% of our solicitors legal fees again.

It's a great new way to grow incremental revenue, automatically.

Boost your debt recovery solution to the gold standard in credit control and debt recovery.

why choose us?

You retain your existing commission, as you deem appropriate. Solicitors are instructed on all qualifying debts day one, increasing your profit through a 50% share of our solicitors pre-issue legal fees.

We assume all risk in the debt, own and adverse legal costs, so you and your client do not.

The platform runs completely in the cloud, managed by us, for a small monthly subscription fee.

The platform, and our solicitors, handle B2C and well as B2B debt.

We conduct all KYC/CDD and ongoing AML sanction screening automatically (on qualifying UK / EU registered business and partnerships).

Irrispective of local laws on contingency fee agreements, particularly in parts of the EU, our service is perfectly legal. **

Whilst not an issue in the UK and some part of the EU, contingency, or 'no win - no fee' arrangements can fall foul of the law.

By using our platform, and embedded solicitors, this is not an issue. We have a authorised protected cell company structure, otherwise known as a specialist purpose vehicle, or SPV for short, in the Channel Islands, that purchases your clients debt for the full face value.

Your client is paid GBP 1 for the assignment of the debt, meaning that all risk for own and adverse legal costs transfer to the SPV. The SPV ring-fences and protects the assigned debt, the balance of which is paid, by the platform solicitors, directly to your client under an SPV instruction. This protects your client. Your cut and share of costs is also paid direct to you from the solicitors protected client account.

This does not breach EU, and other country laws that prohibit contingency fee litigation agreements because there is no contingency agreement. We buy the debt, and assume all the risks with our solicitors. It is a very unique approach used by our SPV as approved by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

And a few words from a corporate client:

"As a large multi-national tech group, we have our fair share of unpaid debt. We were introduced to Caresso Law and successfully use their unique digital platform to recover tens of thousands of debts, and we can't recommend them highly enough."

Source: Smartfrog International

The small print explained.

*Our platform has been developed principally for the recovery of undisputed business-to-business invoice debts that relate to the supply of goods and/or services, as these generate pre-issue legal fees pursuant to the late payment of debtors legislation in both the UK and EU ("Late Payment Debts"). However the platform will handle all debts, or any kind. But our embedded solicitors will only accept instructions of Late Payment Debts from any registered business, or partnership, as the platform will conduct automatic paperless AML/KYC and perform ongoing sanction screening on all of your clients automatically for your peace of mind.

You can accept any client onto the platform, including sole traders, of any nationality. You must, however, perform your own full and ongoing due diligence/AML on them. Our system will still perform full sanction and watchlist screening of any person, firm, or body corporate for you, in the background, alerting you to any issues.

Our solicitors seek to recover their cost's directly from the debtor in relation to Late Payment Debts pursuant to EU & UK legislation. We retain interest & statutory late payment charges to cover the cost and risk of providing our service and SLA

We will pay you, or your client, 100% of invoices we recover subject to our SLA, unless otherwise agreed on a case by case basis.

If our solicitors fail to make a recovery prior to issuing proceedings, we will simply re-assign the invoice to your client, and neither you or your client will have anything to pay.

**We and instructed solicitors will waive all costs (along with any unrecovered costs) in the event that your clients claim is unsuccessful and you/they will not be required to pay back any costs incurred unless you/they have deliberately misled us, the SPV, the court, the appointed solicitor or any expert or where you/your client otherwise fails to cooperate.

If it becomes necessary for solicitors to issue court or other formal proceedings of any kind, each case will have to be underwritten on a case by case basis and There must remain reasonable merit and prospect of success (at our absolute sole discretion) at all times for us to commence and/or continue to act and/or conduct or respond to any litigation. Full Terms and Conditions provided when you use our service(s).

Pre-issue litigation commenced by our solicitors in relation to Late Payment Debts, or other debts from time to time agreed, will simply refer the defendant, or their representative, to refer matters back to you to manage any enquiries or disputes as our agent, which you must handle in full via the platform. When the debt is settled it must be paid directly to the instructed solicitor where they remain instructed under an assignment to us. The solicitors will calculate the payments and make them promptly, with the costs incurred, and notified on the platform, taking precedence.

You accept all risk in the service performed in managing the collection of the debt as our agent as set out above, in respect of which you must maintain professional negligence insurance to a minimum value of £2,000,000. Our interest noted on the policy.