How to get in touch with Caresso Law.

In order for all enquiries to be dealt with quickly and efficiently it is important that you contact us through the most appropriate channel. For new enquiries (only) please use either of the four methods at the bottom of this page to suit you. Please note that this is for new sales enquiries only.

If you have uploaded overdue invoices through your Portal for Caresso Law to pursue on your behalf.

This is a highly efficient, automated debt recovery service and we will contact you when we need to. If you don’t hear from us that means we are pursuing your claim. We will update you regularly by email and via our Online Portal where you can check on status and payment.

You can log-in to your Online Portal at anytime to see the progress of your case or cases. Please view our Video Guides which explain how to use Caresso Law.

If you would like to speak to us about high-volume debt recovery (typically bulk files over 1,000 unpaid invoices per month).

Caresso Law offer a bespoke debt recovery service for our 'Power Users', that is companies who regularly need to recover a high volume of business-to-business or business-to-consumer debts. We generally define these as companies with over 1,000 debt recovery cases per month. If you want to discuss high-volume debt recovery with us use the Contact Form on this page:

If you have a specific litigation enquiry which falls outside the two instances defined above, for example you want to discuss a professional negligence, or moving a high-value case to us.

If you would like to talk to Caresso Law about a legal case which is not related to our online debt recovery or high volume debt recovery services defined above, then please click on the Menu items corresponding to your enquiry at the top of this page and complete the Contact Form on that page. This will enable the right Solicitor to contact you as swiftly as possible.

If you have been contacted by Caresso Law.

If you or your client have received legal correspondence from Caresso Law, you must respond using the channel you have been directed to use in that correspondence. It is important that you don't respond to any correspondence from Caresso Law using any of the contact forms on our website. Any such communication will be discarded unanswered.

If you have been advised through correspondence that we accept service online via our Online Portal, then you must only use the link provided in that correspondence to serve a defence and/or counterclaim. We can not accept service, or related communications by any other means whatsoever and all such communications will be discarded unanswered.

If you are interested in joining our professional network: for example you are a legal practice, trade association or trade union.

We welcome enquiries from solicitors, professional bodies and others who are interested in exploring mutually beneficial business arrangements with Caresso Law; for example passing debt litigation claims onto Caresso Law. In this case, please contact us using the Contact Form below.

Enquiries not authorised to be made via our website Contact Forms will not receive a reply because it is out of process and cannot be audited. Enquiries that do not constitute a genuine enquiry will not be replied to for anti-spam and security reasons.

Four convenient ways to contact us with a new sales enquiry.

If you are already in contact with Caresso Law, or directly with a Caresso Law solicitor (either as a client or opponent), or have already made a pending enquiry, please do not use the following methods of contact as they are for new sales enquiries only. Please use the contact details given on existing correspondence.

(Existing clients and partners, please Login for support)

Make a new enquiry: 08000 908 908

Click chat, at the bottom right of this page, to review key information, and speak to one of our agents.

Book a 15 minute Google Meet discovery call with one of our directors:

Get a call back - this is typically within a few minutes (depending how busy we are):