No-win no-fee, commercial litigation & dispute resolution.

The Caresso Advantage

True No Win, No Fee* from expert nationwide Commercial solicitors and Barristers.

All costs are fully funded - incl dibs, counsel and court costs.

Risk and interest free funding - no markup, underwriting costs or delays like traditional litigation funding.

Fully deferred and contingent insurance, under our exclusive scheme with ARAG plc (£4.7k deposit applies).

Most business litigation and dispute resolution claims in last 3 years are covered.

We take on high-value commercial litigation - including professional negligence - for both claimants and defendants*** - on a no win no fee basis.

Litigation can be very costly and put your business at risk. Does this risk put you off? Would it make better business sense - even if you have already instructed solicitors - to have all your legal fees, disbursements and any potential court costs funded in full via our specialist commercial solicitors?

Unlike typical third party litigation funding, with Caresso there is no third party investor markups or insurance underwriting delays. We also purchase causes of action, debt and other claims.

Act now, contact us and convert your claim into a risk free business asset.

We can work alongside you to assist your company in a number of areas, including:

  • Banking and financial disputes
  • Contractual and commercial disputes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Corporate Property disputes
  • Intellectual Property
  • Debt Recovery
  • Commercial tribunal damages claims
  • Boardroom & Shareholder disputes
  • Insolvency
  • Financial regulatory
  • Fraud
  • Regulatory

Importantly, we will be in place to protect your financial position and business assets, as well as managing your relationships with third parties and those between directors, shareholders and employees.


Commercial disputes and litigation can be costly and time intensive. The issues you can potentially face in this area can be vast. You may need to take fast steps to protect your business’ position. It might be essential to obtain an injunction quickly, or to put a freezing order in place.

It’s important to have a legal team that act quickly in the interests of your business, without putting you at financial risk.

Our expertise.

Having expert solicitors with a detailed knowledge of the law is just the first step. We ensure that our solicitors work alongside you and take the time to get to know the intricacies of your business. We speak your language and we don’t go in for over-complicated legal speak.

Everything we do is focused on the needs of you and your company.

We know that your top priority is the daily running of your business with any legal issues potentially disrupting the day to day operation of your company. Our commercial litigation solicitors understand the importance of collaborating with you at an early stage to try and resolve the issue with the best possible outcome as early as possible. They are specialist negotiators.

How we can help.

As a consortium of specialist legal firms, we make sure that the best possible commercial legal team will be in place to look after your needs.

We understand how businesses run and we know the daily challenges you continue to face. We know how litigation and litigation costs can put pressure and risk on your business, and we provide a solution to alleviate this pressure. Our unique approach, funding and insurance ensures that you can avoid any upfront cost* and risk, with the only focus being the success of your claim.

Remember, don’t be put off by the cost and risk of commercial litigation. We offer a fully funded solution affording your business the opportunity to bring a fully funded and insured* claim.

*You will typically be indemnified against the cost and risk of adverse costs in litigation that our solicitors agree to commence subject to our terms and conditions as well as those of the instructed solicitor. In some cases we will also consider funding all disbursements, counsel and court costs.

**We will waive all costs in the event that your claim is unsuccessful along with any unrecovered costs and you will not be required to pay back any loan provided to you unless you have deliberately misled us, the appointed solicitors, any lender, the court or any expert or you otherwise fail to cooperate.

***Additional funding facilities are subject to their own terms and conditions on request.

****Terms, conditions and exclusions apply - please visit our Debt Litigation page for more information.

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