Receive 100% of debts we recover.
And up to 50% of those we don't.

The Caresso Advantage

No Fee Collection Guarantee* - receive 100% of debts we recover, and up to 50% of those we don't

All costs fully funded - we will fund all litigation, and enforcement of Guaranteed debts

Risk, cost & interest free** - our Solicitors recover all costs from the debtor

Performance Guaraantee* - no cost, no risk, fully funded debt litigation & enforcement*

Caresso Law introduces a revolutionary legal debt recovery service that either gets your invoices paid - or pays you direct, if it doesn't.

Unique to Caresso Law, we will pay*:

- 100% of the invoice value we recover

- up to 50% of any invoice we fail to recover

We also fully indemnify** and fully fund**, all legal, court costs and disbursements (as well as the debtors) if our expert Solicitors (having approved and accepted your case for court litigation) lose, giving your business instant and true access to justice.

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All debts are purchased, via deferred consideration, and professionally collected by our Solicitors and Barristers. At our cost. This helps you to avoid potential conflict with your customers by being suitably distanced, whilst making the collection process itself more effective. This approach also removes your exposure to any legal or adverse costs.**

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Commercial disputes and litigation can be costly and time intensive. The issues you can potentially face in this area can be vast. You may need to take fast steps to protect your business’ position. It might be essential to obtain an injunction quickly, or to put a freezing order in place.

It’s important to have a legal team that act quickly in the interests of your business, without putting you at financial risk.

Our expertise.

Having expert solicitors with a detailed knowledge of the law is just the first step. We ensure that our solicitors work tirelesly to recover your debts. Even if they become disputed, we will discuss options with you without over-complicated legal speak, and we would typically aim to recover on a no-win, no-fee basis wherever possible.

We know that your top priority is the daily running of your business with any legal issues potentially disrupting the day to day operation of your company. Our commercial litigation solicitors understand the importance of collaborating with you at an early stage to try and resolve the issue with the best possible outcome as early as possible. They are specialist negotiators.

How we can help.

Caresso Law (Litigation Funding) Plc is a public limited specialist purpose investment vehicle based in the City of London. It purchases, and litigates bad-debt from £100 upwards, returning 100% of whatever it collects - up to the face value of the invoice. Costs are sought direct from the debtor.

Our in-house solicitors and barristers work closely, as necessary, with the Caresso Law member law firms. This ensures that you have the best prospect of success, without any financial outlay or risk** - and importantly without any exposure to adverse costs if you lose - that pays up to 50% of any bad debts we accept for court litigation and fail to recover*.

*Subject to restrictions, terms and conditions, including full legal assignment with good title of unpaid business invoice debt only. Applies to UK & EU small claims that having failed to collect before court action are reviewed by our expert solicitors and are, subject to your ongoing compliance, accepted (at our sole and absolute discretion) for court action in respect of which judgement is obtained and enforcement is either unavailable, uneconomical or otherwise unsuccessful. Terms & Conditions apply at time of assignment and may vary from time to time without notice.

**Subject to your compliance, continued support and not having provided misleading information. Undisputed debts only.

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