A fresh & inclusive approach to unpaid business invoices.

The Caresso Advantage

No Fee Collection Guarantee - receive 100% of net* debts we recover, and up to 50% of those we don't

All costs fully funded - we will fund all litigation, and enforcement of Guaranteed debts

Risk, cost & interest free** - our Solicitors recover all costs from the debtor

Performance Guaraantee* - no cost, no risk, fully funded debt litigation & enforcement*

Caresso Law (Litigation Funding) Plc buys your undisputed B2B invoices.

We will pay you 100% of the full amount recovered in respect of the invoice value, effectively costing you nothing as costs are recovered from the debtor direct.*

If instructed Solicitors (having pursued your case through the courts) fail to recover anything at all, we will still pay up to 50% of the invoice value, and all legal costs.**

So what’s in it for us? We keep the interest, late payment fees and any costs recovered from the debtor in return for doing all the work, and taking all the risk in turning your unpaid invoices into cash.

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All debts are purchased, via deferred consideration, and professionally collected by specialist Solicitors and Barristers. At our cost. This helps you to avoid potential conflict with your customers by being suitably distanced, whilst making the collection process itself more effective. This approach also removes your exposure to any legal or adverse costs.***

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Traditional legal debt recovery & enforcement can be costly and time intensive. The issues you can potentially face in this area can be vast. You may need to take fast steps to protect your business’ position. It might be essential to obtain an injunction quickly, or to put a freezing order in place.

We remove this complexity, risk and the associated cost.

Our expertise.

Having expert solicitors with a detailed knowledge of debt recovery law is just the first step. If the debts we purchase from you become disputed, while the undisputed scheme will not apply, we will discuss options with you without over-complicated legal speak, and we would typically aim to recover them on a no-win no-fee basis wherever possible, although the suitability of a no win, no fee depends on the value and merits of each claim.

We know that your top priority is the daily running of your business with any legal issues potentially disrupting the day to day operation of your company.

How we can help.

Caresso Law (Litigation Funding) Plc is a public limited specialist purpose investment vehicle based in the City of London. It purchases, and litigates bad-debt from £100 upwards, returning 100% of whatever it collects in respect of the value of the invoice* - up to the face value of the invoice. Costs are sought direct from the debtor.

Our skill, and that of our Solicitors ensures the best prospect of success, without any financial outlay or risk - paying you up to 50% of any bad debt invoices pursued through the courts where we fail to make any recovery.**

*We will deduct from the amount received the interest, late payment charges and costs and expenses awarded by the court or agreed with the debtor and remit 100% of the balance of the amount received to you. Terms and conditions apply.

**Subject to terms and conditions, including full legal assignment with good title of the relevant debt. Offer applies only to unpaid, undisputed business to business debt incurred in respect of the supply of goods or services. Only applies to UK & EU small claims with an aggregate value of no greater than 5,000 Euros (5,000 sterling in the UK) excluding interest and late payment charges that are accepted by our expert solicitors after review as suitable. Payment is subject to your complete and ongoing compliance with all terms to which the assignment of the debt is subject including but not limited to that the debt is undisputed and you have not provided any misleading information in relation to it or failed to tell us something which would have been relevant to our decision about whether to agree to pursue the debt. The payment is only available where a court judgment in respect of the debt is obtained and has not be enforced within 90 days of the date of judgment.

***Terms and conditions apply. Payment of legal costs without recovery from you is subject to your compliance with the terms of the assignment.

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PLEASE NOTE: this scheme is NOT available to consumers, or in relation to debts owed by consumers. All debts must be undisputed (with no counter claim).

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