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'Caresso Counterparty' de-risks and guarantees counterparty obligations based on debt purchasing transactions in a similar way to escrow - but with unique built in legal oversight and arbitration provisions. The entire, unique concept having been created by Caresso Law in the Channel Islands.

A seller, or provider of services for value, contracts with a designated Caresso Law specialist cell (of its specialist purpose vehicle) managed exclusively by Caresso Law (the "Cell"). The purchasing obligor in turn contracts with the Cell, paying, or securing its obligations to the Cell (jointly the "Parties"). Uniquely, the Parties simultaneously take (where appropriate) security and/or title to the underlying Cell (and therefore its assets) securing their mutual counterparty obligations and risk under the management of Caresso Law.

Solicitors for the Cell will advise on, and oversee the transaction, invoking arbitration, to be heard in an agreed arbitration forum - typically the London Court of Arbitration (the "LCIA") in the event of a dispute between the Parties, with monies automatically released to the party for whom the authorised and appointed arbitrator finds.

The key here is that the SPV is the Parties mutual counterparty, with funds held securely throughout the transaction to their mutual title.

Caresso Counterparty is a seamless, and highly advanced service compared to traditional escrow, whereby cells are provided to the Parties in a similar fashion, and using a similar protected cell legal company structure as captive insurance, as originally created in the Channel Islands in return for a fractional fee not dissimilar to escrow.

A unique approach to guaranteed counterparty obligations.

Caresso Counterparty isn't just a new approach to guaranteeing counterparty obligations. It is an agnostic, transparent service, that keeps capital on balance sheet, and risk off balance sheet. Locked in arbitration and fiduciary based management ensures security of funds and a legally based outcome at predictable fixed cost.

why choose us?

Our primary interest is providing our clients with our new and exotic legal services that solve real world legal problems in new and unique ways.

Caresso Counterparty is a new, and novel addition to the Caresso Law range of legal services. Whether you are purchasing a piece of software, or involved in a major construction project for a client, using our Caresso Counterparty service will provide you with a range of unique benefits whilst retaining the ability to financially leverage and hypothecate assets under your or common ownership. Caresso Counterparty is transparent, but allows title in the underlying asset to remain secured, but at the same time available to a third party funder to capitalise.

Above all, Caresso Counterparty enables trust. It functions as a secure conduit for all manner of financial transactions on a worldwide basis, supported by Caresso Law solicitors and fiduciaries.

Caresso Counterparty
is a specialist service that
enables your transactions.

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