Joint ARAG plc & Caresso Law Press Release - a fresh & inclusive approach to fully funded litigation

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Noon, Thursday 01 August 2019

A fresh & inclusive approach to fully funded litigation
Consortium of specialist litigation firms established to offer completely new approach to fully funded litigation in the UK.

London, England: Caresso Law - a consortium of specialist law firms - launches a completely new, ‘fully funded’ litigation service that comes with automatic, deferred* and contingent ‘day one’ insurance. This innovative approach is believed to be both unique to Caresso Law and a first in the market.

Promising to provide commercial clients with a clearer, less risky route to access justice, it dispenses with typical 4 to 10 times third-party funding multiples typically seen in today’s market, with both an interest and risk-free alternative. This extends the concept of no-win, no-fee litigation found in the personal injury sector across most other forms of personal, business, institutional and public sector litigation.

This is an important development for the legal services sector because it is expected to reduce the cost, and thus increase the returns to the claimant, whilst providing a simpler path to pursue justice. It also means that all litigation is closer aligned to the no-win, no-fee approach available in the personal injury sector. Significantly, by negating the up-front investment required to present a case for external funding - and even more importantly insurance - frictional costs are mitigated and the matter can proceed faster, in a more streamlined manner, with the strategic advantage of having put insurance in place at the earliest possible stage.

The unique commercial insurance policy is provided by ARAG plc, a global leader in developing insurance solutions that enable access to justice, on an bespoke basis to Caresso Law.  This is believed to be a significant advancement in the field of litigation insurance.

Lee Jones, CEO of representing Caresso Law, said ‘Our research clearly shows that the legal services market in the UK is ripe for change, in both operational and commercial terms.  We have worked with the Caresso Law firms to develop a unique commercial litigation service that meets the new world technological and financial challenges head on. The result is a revolutionary approach to litigation funding, insurance and risk management.  All driven by high-tech interfaces with the client who, in today’s world, demands more transparency and less frictional cost. This is what Caresso Law delivers.'

David Haynes, Underwriting and Marketing Director of ARAG plc, insurance providers to Caresso Law, said ‘ARAG is dedicated to extending access to justice to those who might not otherwise be able to afford it and we are always keen to work with organisations that offer something new to help deliver that. Many individuals and smaller businesses with well-founded claims are prevented from pursuing their legal rights because they cannot fund their case. Caresso Law is offering an entirely new solution that will reduce both the risk and cost of seeking justice.'

For total peace of mind, Caresso Law also provides free initial legal advice to anyone seeking to litigate.  Contact Caresso Law 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via telephone and online at


About Caresso Law
Caresso Law is a consortium of law firms that specialise in funded litigation.
The firms have come together to form a consortium, managed by the media, advertising and press agent who specialise in niche legal marketing, technology and representation, negotiating special terms with insurers, funders and other strategic suppliers for the benefit of the consortia and their clients.

* Exclusive Insurance for non-personal injury/clinical negligence is automatically provided on a ‘Day 1’ basis to all litigants that are accepted onto the scheme, subject to counsel’s opinion and is contingent (self-insuring) and save as for a modest deposit premium of between £2,700 and £4,700, is also fully funded [deferred] until a successful outcome.

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About ARAG
ARAG plc is part of the global ARAG Group, the largest family-owned enterprise in the German insurance industry. Founded in 1935, on the principle that every citizen should be able to assert their legal rights, ARAG now employs more than 4,100 people in 18 countries around the world and generates revenue and premium income totalling about €1.7 billion.
Operating in the UK since 2006, ARAG plc provides a comprehensive suite of ‘before-the-event’ and ‘after-the-event’ legal insurance products and assistance solutions to protect both businesses and individuals.

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