Clinical Negligence Case News - High Value £6.1M (approx)

By way of example of serious negligence cases handled by Caresso Law law firms, the Claimant was born on the 20 June 1990.  On the 15 August 2001, when he was only 11 years old, he was working on the bin lorries during the summer holiday.  As he got off a bin lorry, and crossed the road, he was knocked down by a bus causing a severe brain injury.  He also suffered a fractured right pelvis and a contused lung.  

At the Trial, in June 2014, it was agreed by both parties Neurologists that the Claimant had suffered with a severe head injury.  The Claimant’s case was, and remains, that he suffered with an organic personality disorder caused by his brain injury.  

The Defendants’ experts maintained that the Claimant’s condition was socially determined, that is that he had a dissocial personality disorder that he would have had even in the absence of the injuries that he sustained in the accident.  

The total of the Claimant’s damages including the lump sum payment, and continuing periodical payments claim on the Claimant’s anticipated life expectancy.

Matter Value: £6.1M

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