Clinical Negligence Case News - £40K

Legal representation led to the Trust admitting liability for substandard knee replacement surgery, but causation was only admitted in respect of the client needing to undergo an additional procedure one week after the initial procedure. An initial offer of £7,000 was made on behalf of the Trust.

Our orthopaedic expert confirmed that the client was suffering with significant ongoing pain which was likely to be related to sensitivity of the additional scarring from the second procedure.  Further expert evidence was therefore obtained from a pain specialist and a psychologist.   No physical reason was found for the pain, but the client was diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder with depressed mood that is in the moderate range and Chronic Pain Disorder.  Pain based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy was recommended by the pain and psychological experts, and the prognosis following this treatment is expected to be good.

Matter Value: Substantial value claim – £40K

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