Clinical Negligence Case News - £2M plus approx £8M over lifetime

A multi-million pound damages settlement was secured for a teenage girl left with life-long injuries after a catalogue of errors during her mother’s pregnancy.

She suffered impaired brain growth, chronic lung disease and Global Development Delay after being born at just 24 weeks. She was assessed as having the intellectual function of a five-year-old at the age of 13, ADHD and little sense of danger, leaving her vulnerable and unable to be left unsupervised. The case centred on the care provided throughout the pregnancy and the management of high blood pressure. It was alleged that had appropriate medication and care been provided, the pregnancy could have been safely managed to at least 28 weeks, and that the girl would have been born injury free. This was supported by independent medical experts. An initial damages payment of £2m was approved by the High Court, and further annual payments will be made each year of her life to cover an ongoing dedicated case manager to oversee her many support needs, which could value as much as £8m over future years.

Matter Value: £2m initial payment + Future annual payments which will reach around £8m over expected lifetime.

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