Clinical Negligence Case News - £3M +

Birth injury case which has left client with neurological abnormalities best described as bilateral cerebral palsy with extra pyramidal motor abnormalities. 

The Claimant’s mother had elected for a home birth and labour was progressing well. During the final stages of labour, the midwife negligently administered the incorrect syringe containing syntometrine instead of the syringe containing pain relief (meptaxinole and stenetil). As a consequence ED suffered an acute hypoxic event. Liability has been admitted.  Initially, although breach of duty of care was conceded causation was disputed. Supportive expert medical evidence was secured in relation to causation from a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist and Neuroradiologist.  The NHS obtained its own causation evidence following which liability was conceded.  Court proceedings have been issued and Judgment was obtained in favour of the Claimant for damages to be assessed at an appropriate stage in the future.  A substantial interim payment in the sum of £300,000 was also obtained to pay for the Claimant’s ongoing therapy and rehabilitation. The plan now is for him to be reassessed by all the appropriate medical professionals once he has completed his second year at secondary school when it is felt that everyone will be in a better position to make predictions with regard to the Claimant’s long term future.

Matter Value: Substantial value claim – £3m + (Awaiting reports)

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