Welcome to a refreshing approach to AML Sanction, PEP, SIP & Crime Watchlist screening.

'AML Light' is our basic, free, ad-hoc Sanction, PEP and Watchlist service - identifying possible hits on a unique specified target entity. This is a simple non-recursive, non-fuzzy/related search tool for conducting basic checks on verified names, accessed on any device, at any time, without a subscription, and without any limits.

'AML Pro' is our premium AML service for accountancy practice partners of Caresso Law. For one fixed fee of just €62.50 per month we provide unlimited* daily recursive Sanction, PEP and SIP/Crime Watchlist checks. AML Pro will shortly include 100 KYC ID checks based on NFC passport/ID chip with likeness verification. There is no tie in with the contract running month to month.

Simplicity is key. AML Pro accepts data (person, firm, entity or asset details that you have formally verified) ingested manually via our web portal, via batch upload or via our NFC passport/ID chip verification service. We highly recommend batch upload (imported from your existing database) and NFC passport/ID ingestion (which guarantees name and photographic verification via embeeded passport/ID chip) to ensure data integrity, as we search against strict matches to verified and uploaded data only (no fuzzy or related searches) on the basis your data is pre-verified when you on boarded your existing clients. We recursively search each entity on a daily basis, as recommended by leading regulators.

Notifications are sent via email, can be accessed via our CRM portal, and batch downloaded. We also provide solutions based on advanced 3D likeness verification which is ~100% accurate (based on patented technology and independently audited and verified data) - available at scale to institutional clients with a guaranteed saving of at least 50% on your incumbent, or any other like for like service.

We will screen your strict name matches overnight (GMT) against all the main public databases worldwide:

- Politically Exposed Persons ("PEP")
- Sanctions (persons, entities and assets)
- Special Interest Persons, including Crime & other Watchlists

There are no contractural lock-in, hidden costs, or upgrade charges with AML Pro - the gold standard in AML and part of the uique range of litigation funding, counterparty, credit control and compliance services offered by Caresso Law.

The gold standard in AML. Subsidised by Caresso Law.

AML Pro from Caresso Law is probably the best value AML screening service currently on the market, partly because it is highly subsidised by Caresso Law, in the hope of building relationships with accountancy and other financial services firms, who, in turn may in turn refer clients requiring litigation funding and related services into Caresso Law on a profit sharing basis.

why choose us?

Our primary interest is providing our clients with our new and exotic litigation funding services. We provide AML Light - our free AML 'light' service and AML Pro - our premium monthly subscription services, at a heavily subsidised rate, principally as a marketing tool and to increase our brand awareness.

You do not have to become a Caresso Law litigation services user to use our AML Pro service. We simply hope that you will be so enamoured by the service that you might consider using Caresso Care in the future should the need arise to acquire litigation funding for your business.

*Whilst AML Pro is an unlimited use paid for service, fair usage limits apply. We reserve the right to restrict, or throttle at our sole discretion, access to AML Pro where more than 10,000 entities are being monitored, or more than 100 ID checks are performed per month, so as to preserve the service and availability for all other clients. You may not resell this service, and you must use it for your own clients only (usage outside of this is either restricted or, at our discretion, permitted and charged at €0.50 per Sanction/PEP check and €2.50 per NFC passport/ID check). Screening is provided against your verified entities only, in other words we will not perform any kind of fuzzy, or related entity searches of any kind, it being your responsibility to verify each entity prior to screening.

**AML Light is a free service, provided without any warranty, express or implied, written or oral, of any kind and is provided strictly as is. No license is granted to the data provided other than for your own confidential, personal and internal use. The data and/or service may not be harvested, scraped, re-sold or otherwise commoditised in any way whatsoever (the result of which may involve injunctive relief and an order as to our indemnity costs). We reserve the right to restrict access to this service, without notice, or modify it in any way we see fit, in our absolute and sole discretion. Screening is provided against your verified entities only, in other words we will not perform any kind of fuzzy, or related entity searches of any kind, it being your responsibility to verify each entity prior to screening.

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