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We pay our affiliates 10% of legal fees (and any conditional fee markup) we recover - see our flyer.

Refer unpaid invoices, even disputed as well as other commercial disputes generate thousand in commission into your practice or organisation. And remember, we fund, and cover all of the risk, in brining claims - which we purchase and stand in your clients shoes, paying all pay court costs, barrister’s fees and cover adverse costs if we lose, making it a real no-brainer for you and your clients.

This means we can offer true no win - no fee arrangements even in jurisdictions where contingency agreements are statute barred. Contact us to schedule a call and share our flyer.

If you are involved in financial services, or are required to conduct AML, we also have a highly subsidised AML Pro service we designed and built for our own regulatory compliance and streamlined customer boarding requirements, aimed principally at our accountancy partners.

We also partner with law firms wishing to conduct our litigation, or those that wish to refer work into Caresso Law in return for a fee sharing arrangement, or where they wish to continue to conduct the litigation, funded by us.

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Joining Caresso Law.

We would love to hear from you and welcome you to partner with Caresso Law.

Our unique propositions, in particular our very disruptive redefining of B2B debt litigation system, significantly mitigate, and in most cases, completely negate all material risks. This combined with our Channel Islands based specialist purpose litigation funding vehicle - and associated litigation funding & underwriting proposition may afford your clients significant comfort in pursuing litigation that would otherwsie be too inherently risky and expensive with no certain outcome.

We also offer revenue sharing agreements to qualified partners, influencers, advertisers and marketers. Your starting point is our Affiliate Programme. Simply Sign-Up as a user (take care to select Ad-Hoc Debt Litigation, our default service, then take a note of your AFFILIATE_ID when you login. Then, when creating accounts for your clients, or referring them, be sure to insert your AFFILIATE_ID in the sign-up page (when you create new accounts for your clients), or use your AFFILIATE_LINK to refer clients to sign-up direct. All commission is tracked and available, via our self-billing invoices, on your dashboard when you login. Please review, and share our flyer, then Contact us with any other partnership or commercial enquiry, and one of our team will contact you.

Download and share our Caresso Care PDF Brochure

The small print explained.

*Our unique schemes have been developed principally for the recovery of undisputed business-to-business invoice debts that relate exclusively to the supply of goods and/or services, however we will - for an additional 'risk fee' - consider disputed UK debts generally over £25,000 ("Debt"). Any registered business, or partnership, can sign up. Our solicitors seek to recover their cost's directly from the debtor pursuant to EU & UK legislation. We retain interest & statutory late payment charges to cover the cost and risk of providing our service and SLA in which we also 'guarantee' the payment of Debt (but not a disputed debt) below £/€ 5,000 where our solicitors, having agreed to take to court, fail to make a recovery - save as for where the debtor is, or appears to be, insolvent.

We will pay you 100% of invoices we recover subject to our SLA, which excludes insolvency litigation, disputed and aged debts which will be subject to a 25% fee for debts over 1 year old, and 35% for debts over 2 years or where they are disputed.

If we fail to make a recovery and are unable to proceed your matter to court, we will simply re-assign the invoice to you, and you will not have anything to pay.

**All risk in the legal costs, court costs, hearing fees, counsel and expert fees, disbursements and the like, along with those of the debtor should we lose, typically rest with Caresso Law whose Specialist Purpose Litigation Vehicle ("SPV") takes a legal assignment of Debt(s) and litigates them in its own name, and at its own risk, standing in your shoes as the claimant and taking said risk. We and instructed solicitors will waive all costs (along with any unrecovered costs) in the event that your claim is unsuccessful and you will not be required to pay back any litigation funding facility provided by Caresso Law provided to you unless you have deliberately misled us, the SPV, the court, the appointed solicitor or any expert or you otherwise fail to cooperate.

There must remain reasonable merit and prospect of success (at our absolute sole discretion) at all times for us to commence and/or continue litigation. Full Terms and Conditions provided when you use our service(s).

This means that you can take full comfort that in the event that we fail to make a recovery, or lose the case, provided you have complied you will not have anything to pay.

why choose us?

As a consortium of specialist legal firms we ensure that you will always have the opportunity to work with the best possible solicitor for the needs of your case. We make sure that we do all that we can to really get under the skin of your operation and understand your business needs. This means that we work with you to secure the best possible outcome from litigation.

Crucially we understand the commercial issues when it comes to complex and ongoing ligation. Our unique proposition, insurance and funding means that you can go the distance on your legal claims without placing your business at risk.

Share our flyer and earn 10% commission on all legal fees generating thousands of pounds in referral fees to your practice or organisation.

***The amount you will receive will depend upon the value of the case, the costs we generate, are awarded and recover. The example amount specified is a projected average for guidance purposes only relating to our disputed debt scheme only. Subject to Terms and Conditions.

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Download and share our Caresso Care PDF Brochure