PRESS RELEASE: Legal Consortium Guarantees to Recover Unpaid Invoices or Pay Full Invoice Value

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Legal Consortium Guarantees to Recover Unpaid Invoices or Pay Full Invoice Value

01 December 2021 - London & Channel Islands – A new service that offers fast, risk-free payment of undisputed unpaid business invoices has been launched by Caresso Law. Under the new scheme, the company will take on responsibility for the debt, and pay the full amount of the invoice to the creditor. Businesses have access to their funds quickly and without risk.

The new online system is highly automated, and is expected to appeal both to smaller businesses – who may not have the time nor inclination to chase debts – and to larger ones with multiple unpaid invoices.

Believed to be unique, the Caresso Law service pays 100% of the outstanding invoice value on all qualifying claims, whether or not they are successfully recovered from the debtor. All legal costs – including those of the opponents – are fully covered, and funded through insurance.

Caresso Law manages a consortium of no-win, no-fee law firms that provide the skills and expertise to resolve claims, even complex ones. Instead of charging the client directly for its services, the organisation gains its revenue from the interest, late payment fees and any costs recovered from the debtor.

Clients can access the online forms to upload their invoice details, and track the progress of their claims, while Caresso Law uses its automated systems to progress the claims, notifying clients when they have achieved a successful outcome.

“We are seeing a lot of interest in this unique approach to debt recovery”, said Lee Jones, CEO of Caresso Law. “It can be a lifeline to businesses, especially those with tight cash flow.”

Caresso Law’s service is now available to businesses across the UK and Europe.


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About Caresso Law

Caresso Law manages a consortium of specialist law firms. Its focus is on debt recovery for businesses and on litigation. In debt recovery, Caresso Law has developed a unique automated online system that speeds the process while keeping clients informed and costs down. Clients are able to recover 100% of their undisputed debt whether or not the claim is successful. Caresso Law may even provide interim funding while the claim is progressed. In commercial litigation, most types of commercial disputes are covered, as well as litigation funding and insurance related services.

With its base in the Channel Islands, Caresso Law operates across the British Isles and Europe.